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when we have apps and all that enforcement to take another look at it. >> urge talking about the recommendation. >> well, the report was really to start the need for conversation when we start increasing the number of taxis on the street because the gap between what we have and what we should have is so great. however, at a minimum i would report to the board if you want to schedule a more formal kind of check hearing in january once
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we would have some of them out on the street and whatever format wee would work for you >> i'd feel more comfortable towards 2013 come back and is oh, this or that is working. i think i definitely heard some of the comments here depending upon what they do we may have to do - i definitely appreciate the airport and fta together >> there was actually a separate point i thought it would be helpful if we briefly acknowledged the report that was delivered under a couple of
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corporations. it talked about 5 hundred more. >> i want to ask the doctor without a doubt we be in a better position to see how things are working anti. >> yes as time goes an and everybody gets on the electronic situation we'll have better ideas. again, it won't speak to latent demand and where confidence is but it will provide a very rich set of datatomy to inform further data. so you as a board can monitor
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the taxi industry >> so to be clear a yes is a presumption of 2 hundred permits next year? >> i was trying to clarify the rules of the board but director reiskin - i don't have any doubt about this is not simply combrabt executive authority i think we're extremely interested in this so toward the end of the year it will come back and look at the report i will be happy to approve the resolution. >> i'm happy to move the amendment but i have concerns about the pricing.
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i would move it with the request that we hear from the staff and particular how a premium registration dispatch system would work. that's the last piece missing of updating our system. so i'll move the item >> second. >> any further discussion. all in favor? >> thank you. thank you, dr. we'll take about a 10 minute break.
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okay >> okay ladies and gentlemen we will return to our regular agenda. ladies and gentlemen please. ladies and gentlemen if you could please find a seat >> mr. chairman our returning. >> thank you we're being back if session we'll go to public comment. this is an opportunity for the public to address but not on today's calendar. >> (calling names).
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>> good afternoon. good afternoon my name is a mel. last week on monday, i got a call from a friend of mine who lives in san francisco. and i told him my historical stories and he told me this the previous friday test e he was giving his little girl a ride home and she said she saw an anti muslim add on the side of the bus and she asked him do my name is really kill jews
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i said actually what our daughter said was true. he was very proud of his daughter for understanding what she saw and sticking to her guns. today i'm to ask you to stop from having buses with hate adds on the streets during which children are going to or coming from school and there will be observers on the streets and it will be documented thank you >> next speaker. >> (calling names).
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>> good afternoon again. in the transportation triangles i'd like to talk about drivers and pedestrians and bicycles. and some of the correspondences are over will you explain and there's some aspects of safety that's going to be more paramount as we expand bicycle lanes and want people we're talking about and things like that. a lot of our major intersections there's a movement which is good toward city planning allowing the opportunity to make right turns with no restrictions. pedestrian safety is a 2-way street it's pedestrians looking
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out for themselves as well. when i come to a stop sign just because you're a pedestrian doesn't mean you can walk wherever you feel like that. there's a chief who's doing some advocacy work like not tweeting and things like that. you can't walk just because you're in the box. there's 17 hundred pedestrians that were hit last year
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we schedule and advertise a meeting last month and invited mta. we have made public requests and local merchants have passed on the information. this information was insufficient this structure is to begin in a few weeks. the information in tomorrow's meeting supervisor chu if you're listening here you're to support us. so members of mta board and all concerned sf residents are welcome to attend a meeting at 67:30 p.m. at the telegraph hall
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in mason and i looked to a productive meeting. thank you >> (calling names). >> good afternoon directors robert. local cab. i was a participant in the workshop regarding the application by all those apps and i wanted to spend two minutes or one and a half trying to explain to you why wear talking about and why it is such an enormous threat to the taxi industry and in turn to you. the electronic apps - applications claim their something new in spite of the
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fact that many limousines companies and taxi company are going to use apps. and their claims is they're not transportation companies. they have no control over the drivers. many of the applications are claiming to be ride share and as such, they do not have commercial insurance, there is no inspection of their cars there's no inspection of their driving records which would indicate the accident are anything else they have. in addition apparently their claiming they're not keeping any records so that their drivers are not even paying taxes which
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are the law by the irs making transactions of a thousand dollars or more remember this applies to taxi drivers or anybody. i could give you some more if you are interested >> thank you. next speaker, please and a (calling names). >> herbert senior citizen at risk. i noticed the last meeting the conduct of the participants were incriminated upon. the question i would like to propose if a bicyclists had their my case lanes removed on the street

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